In a recent update, such reports about the first baseman Hanley Ramirez have been surfacing that he’s been involved in a drug trafficking case, however according to the Boston Globe Ramirez isn’t involved in any such case and rumors like he is been under federal investigation are baseless.

The reports say that a former friend of the player claimed to have dropped a box to Hanley Ramirez to avoid the police and on checking the box it contained fentanyl which he originally intended to transport from New York to Massachusetts. When the police contacted Ramirez the convicted person immediately altered his statement saying the player is not involved in this drug deal.

Ramirez is obviously not under any federal investigation and enjoying holidays with his family he also tweeted on the matter saying:

“I have been home enjoying my family. Not being on a team has been my choice. Grateful to those of you who resisted spreading the reckless, misleading reports”

We have found out from the attorney representing the arrested man that he belongs to the Dominican Republic and has grown up alongside with Ramirez that is why he tried using his name and obviously failed.


Due to their falling Defense Boston Red Sox had to face 7-2 defeat against Seattle Mariners. Going on in one after other games awhile back in which they had scored 23 runs and 36 hits the Red Sox fell vulnerable against Mariners and faced a 7-2 lose.

Here are some comments from Red Sox Members concerning the game:

Rodriguez commenting on his loose delivery:

“That’s my job, shutting them down as quick as I can,” said Rodriguez. “They scored one run and I tried to keep us in position to win the game and then I gave up five runs. I’ve got to turn the page and get ready for the next game.”

Then he pointed out some of his weaknesses saying:

“I would say today was just the command of my pitches,” Rodriguez said. “I missed with a lot of cutters and changeups over the plate and this is the big leagues. That’s going to happen.”

Alex Cora was expecting Mariners would be aggressive and he wanted Rodriguez to be sharp, but he couldn’t make it like that. Here’s what Alex Cora had to say after that:

“Just one of those nights. He went eight and you look back and we put some good swings and didn’t put up good at-bats sometimes – it was a tough night overall,” said Cora.

In another report from Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle, it seems Red Sox have a notable interest in the first baseman and left fielder for the Oakland Athletics of Major League Baseball, Mark Canha.

Canha is 29 years old and has hit .250/.322/.452 and is very good with lefties he has hit .969 with lefties and .634 against righties so far. Also, he has a record of 9 home runs this season.

Boston Red Sox’ are in a great need of pitching defense and with five starters on DL Canha might just be what they need but he won’t come that easy he has been starting Oakland’s games since his season debut and is of great use to them. Bostons will need to do a lot to get him. Oakland is in search of starting pitching depth right but hopefully, next few weeks will clear out what becomes of this guess made by Susan Slusser, if she is right about this trade rumor we will be seeing a whole better pitch defense from Red Sox.

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