On Saturday Afternoon, The Phillies came face to face with Chicago Cubs in their 7-1 loss at the Citizen Bank Park. The cubs were against 15-games winner Aaron Nola but somehow managed to score three homers by Baez, Daniel Murphy, and Anthony Rizzo to earn their victory.

“You’ve got to beat good pitching to get to the Promised Land,” Cubs manager Joe Madden said.

The game was pretty ordinary and there is not much to discuss other than the 3 homers against Aaron Nola or the incident with Austin Davis’s “Cheat Sheet” been confiscated. Yes, you heard that right Davis was using a player card to help him pitch against the Cubs batters in the game.

During the eighth inning Umpire, Joe West noticed that Davis has pulled out a card out of his pocket. Whether it was to help him pitch or whatever the dedicated umpire took this card from Davis under the MLB Rule 6.02(c) (7), which clearly states that a pitcher under no circumstances is allowed to hold a foreign substance on his person or in his possession.

“I told him we don’t allow him to carry anything on their glove, person or clothing except in some cases where there’s a rain situation we allow them to put a rosin bag in their pocket,” West said. “Other than that they can’t have anything on the pitcher.”

“I didn’t want to throw him out,” he continues to say. “I know it’s foreign but he’s not trying to cheat. Maybe he’s trying to get an advantage because he’s reading the scouting report, but it wasn’t pining tar, it wasn’t an emery board, it wasn’t whatever.

“In the long run, maybe they’ll let him (have the card). Right now, my hands are tied until they say yes or no. Right now, until the office says it’s OK to carry this, he can’t do it.”

Davis had allowed 2 unearned runs in 2 innings on Saturday night. He has an earned ERA of 3.81 along with 30 strikeouts in 26 innings during this season.

Both Davis and Phillies Manager Gabe Kapler saw no harm in keeping a reference for helping them deliver a winning pitch but the rules rule and Joe had to wait for the officials to order if it was allowed or not.

Davis felt aggregative toward such course of actions that took place and stated the following clearing his viewpoint on the matter:

“Our analytics department works really, really hard to come up with this stuff for us and I want to use it because they work all day to come up with stuff to help get guys out,” Davis said. “And if I have an answer to get a guy out, I want to know what that is.”

On the other hand, Kapler sees this as a useful tact beneficial for pitchers in order to win. He said the following supporting Davis’s actions:

“Austin Davis is pulling the card of his pocket on the mound using it as a reference how to attack the hitters,” Kapler said. “I think it’s actually a really good thing for baseball. I don’t really quite understand this one.”

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