The Seattle Mariners Decided to extend their executive Vice president and General Manager, Jerry Dipoto for several for he has been the source to their upbringing in recent years and has made a major impact in their overall franchise.

This was announced by the chairman of Mariners on Friday afternoon that they have signed a multi-year contract with Jerry Dipoto.

“As I excited as I am about this team doing so well, today is about the long-term future of the franchise,” said Mariners chairman John Stanton. “I’m delighted on behalf of the ownership and the entire organization of the Seattle Mariners to announce that Jerry Dipoto has signed a multi-year extension to his contract as general manager. We believe this is a very important, momentous day for the franchise. We appreciate all he’s done in terms of putting together a management team that has made an enormous difference in our success. As much as he is described as a manager, I think of Jerry as more of a leader.”

It’s been three whole years since Dipoto’s joining with the Mariners, he was hired for a three-year contract on September 28th in the year 2015 replacing Jack Zduriencik. In Mariners’ History, he is the 9th full-time General Manager. After Dipoto’s joining the team has gained the 8th best record in the major leagues at 221-196 and this season they have been uplifted to a 4th best position in Major League Baseball at 57-34.

“As I said when I arrived here, I believe this organization has every opportunity to be successful on a consistent basis,” Dipoto said in a press release. “The combination of a supportive ownership group, great ballpark, passionate fan base and the beautiful city gives us all the tools we need to consistently compete for division titles, and division titles give us the opportunity to attain our primary goal: Winning the World Series here in Seattle.”

Through his past experience as a baseball executive, Dipoto has grown into a very intellectual and smart. He started his career as special assistant to Colorado Rockies in 2001 lasting to 2002 immediately after he retired from being a full-time basketball player. After that, he joined the scouting department for the Boston Red Sox and worked there for a year from 2003 to 2004. In 2005, he returned to Colorado Rockies as the Director of the Player Personnel, and then he moved to Arizona Diamondbacks as a Vice President of Player Personnel in 2006 to 2010 and then was appointed the General Manager for the same team in 2010. Since 2011 to 2015 Dipoto worked as a General Manager for the Los Angeles Angels rose them to win the American League West Title in 2014 with most wins approx. 98 in the MLB. Then, Until joining Marines he worked as a Special Assistant to the Boston Red Sox.

“Jerry arrived here two-and-a-half years ago with a specific plan for our franchise,” said Mariners President & Chief Executive Officer Kevin Mather in a press statement. “He has successfully executed that plan, resulting in a younger, more athletic and, most importantly, far more successful Major League team.

“At the same time, he has upgraded nearly every aspect of our overall baseball operation, improving systems, staff and communication in our Major League operations, our player development system, our pro and amateur scouting departments and our revamped High-Performance Area,” Mather said.

Everyone is really excited to see where does Dipoto takes the Mariners from here on.

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