Less Than 24 Hours Until Deadline, Could Halladay Still Go To The Phillies?

Less than 24 hours to go until the trade deadline.

The Dodgers got George Sherrill from the Orioles (via MLB.com), the Cubs seem on the verge of getting John Grabow and Tom Gorzelanny from the Pirates (via MLBTradeRumors), and one thought keeps on coming to my mind:
With Roy Halladay still out there, could the Phillies sweep in and get him?


The Phillies were able to complete the Cliff Lee deal without dealing any of the prospects proposed in the Halladay deal. Could they turn around and trade Happ/Drabek, Dominc Brown and another prospect for Halladay?
Wouldn’t that be something?

Not a rumor…just throwing it out there.



I really thought that this article from Joel Sherman titled “Pressure on Red Sox and Dodgers” had to do with the news about Manny and Big Papi coming out…but it was about making trades (Dodgers have responded and Red Sox are involved in a LOT of rumors)
On Washburn

Joel Sherman talked to the Mariners GM and he sounds like he doesn’t know if he’ll trade Washburn away, let him go as a free agent, or extend him

Rob Neyer is not sure if Jarrod Washburn will be dealt and if he is, he thinks the Mariners may have inflated his numbers a bit…

On the Cliff Lee Deal

Steven Goldman reviews trading day and the Cliff Lee deal

Jack Curry talks about choosing Lee over Roy Halladay

Rob Neyer thinks the trade is a win-win for the Indians and Phillies

Keith Law likes it for the Phillies because they gave up only a few high-end prospects

FanGraphs loves the acquisition and points out that they’ll have (at least) 3 lefties in their playoff rotation

New York Mets Rumor/Humor

Rumor has it Luis Castillo’s wife gave birth this morning and Castillo dropped the baby (H/T Malter)

In all seriousness, give credit to the Mets who have been looking much better as of late while playing against a very good Rockies team. My prediction of them playing until the last day of the season (only to fail again) is looking great!

Newsday thinks that not firing Minaya has to do with Madoff. I think that the Mets would swallow the money if they felt it was the move they needed to make. I also think that it would have to be the first time someone was fired before his extension kicked in. That’s impressive.

Also, Razor Shines doesn’t care how good your throwing arm is according to Amazin’ Avenue
A Mets win tonight and a Giants loss would put the Mets within 4.5 games of the Wild Card. Don’t stop believin’!

You Heard It Here First: Mets Will Play Until The Last Day Of The Season

I’ve been saying it to my friends and now I need to say it in public so I can be on record: despite how bad the Mets are playing, they will start mounting a comeback this season, springboarding a huge showing against the Rockies this week and push towards a playoff berth. They will play on the last day of the season with a chance to make the playoffs.

And they will lose again.

How is that for torture for Mets fans?


Some more fun links for Metropolitan fans:

Deadspin looks into that unbelievably bizarre press conference. Amazin’ Avenue has the transcript of the press conference. ShysterBall is amazed that Mets can even make the firing of Bernazard a crazy affair.
Adam Rubin responds!

Buster Olney says that Omar Minaya has shifted the glare to himself now and his own clock is ticking. Rob Neyer notes that Minaya is losing control.

Deadspin on a sort-of-maybe apology from Minaya

The New York Times looks at Bernazard’s career before this debacle
Deadspin takes a few more rips at the Mets (picture courtesy of Deadspin, too)

And, lastly, I don’t know if SNY showing the whole press conference, the interviews afterwards, talking about it on the network and running clips of the meltdown on their website is one of two things: transparency from a team not trying to hide from its mistakes or complete and utter disdain for the fanbase which it seems to want to torture at every turn. It absolutely amazes me that a team that once employed drugged out Doc Gooden and Darryl Strawberry, (allegedly) women-crazy David Cone, firecracker-wielding Vince Coleman, poker-playing Rickey Henderson, reporter-threatening Bobby Bonilla, bleach-spraying Bret Saberhagen, sexually-harassing Steve Phillips and Mo Vaughn could only now be deemed a total mess.

Either way, it keeps A-Rod off the backpages so as a Yankees fan, I can’t complain