In spite of Mariners Diehard, Late Innings Efforts at Comeback Diamondbacks Avoided the Sweep


The Arizona Diamondbacks’ Paul Goldschmidt hit his career’s 30th homer to avoid a sweep in their Three-Game Series against Seattle Mariners on Sunday beating Mariners in a 5-2 win.

It was only the demand of the time to avoid a clean sweep after losing two times from Mariners in the series. First baseman of the Arizona Diamondbacks, Paul Goldschmidt, who had struck out 4 in 9 combined appearances against Mariners first two wins of series took it upon himself to alter the results from the first two games of the series.

Goldschmidt is the most feared hitters in MLB, although Mariners somehow had managed to keep his bat at bay but for how much long could he have allowed that he certainly succeeded in reminding the Mariners what he is made of by swinging his bat and unleashing the brutal hit to the left field that resulted in a leading 3 run homer.


Seattle starter Mike Leake Despite being in the embarrassing situation of giving off two run to Diamondbacks was trying his utmost to avoid such a situation again when Goldschmidt let loose his greatest hit the 30th homer of his career, after the misplace 0-1 sinker it could have been the chance to rise again for mariners but this homer changed everything and resulted in the 5-2 lead of Diamondbacks.

“It was in and elevated,” Leake said. “It was in a good spot for him to kind of get quick with his hands. That was the only pitch I’d take back.”

“We put some pressure on them late,” Mariners manager Scott Servais said after the match. “It was a game of inches this whole series. All the games were real hard fought. We had a few things go our away last night, but today not so much. The infield hit Peralta got in the third inning that they got the runs off us certainly hurt and Haniger smokes a ball right at the third baseman.”

“We made a mistake,” Servais said. “You are trying to get inside to open up the outer part of the plate. We just didn’t get the ball quite enough in. He’s an accomplished hitter — one of the best in the National League — and he made us pay today.”

Leake Pitched overall six innings, allowing only the five runs with seven hits and no walks with six strikeouts. H only allowed one hit after the third inning.

“I thought Mike threw the ball pretty good and as the game went on he got better,” Servais said. “He left a couple pitches up, but he threw the ball fine. Just the one inning got him.”

Seattle had to make a do with the series win instead of a series sweep against Diamondbacks as the series sweep is always the best-expected outcome for any team and as the Oakland winning another game in Minneapolis on Sunday, after this lose Mariners cut down to the third in the race for the second wildcard. Seattle is on the five-game deficit while moving on to a two-game series with Padres after an off-day today.

Josh Reddick Clarified his “Meaningful” Comment on Twitter on Saturday Evening

Josh Reddick, the Houston Astros’ Outfielder made a comment regarding his discontentment regarding the game played between his new and former team, Houston Astros vs. Oakland Athletics.

A reporter asked Reddick about the game after the game what he thinks of the back and forth game just been played, on th

is he gave his response as follows:

“It was fun,” Reddick said Friday. “Playing some meaningful baseball in this ballpark doesn’t come around a whole lot. As a guy who’s been in it before in the past, it’s a lot of fun when the fans do come out here. They really make a lot of noise and make it loud here, so it’s a lot of fun to be a part of.”

What he said clashed with what he actually meant and as a result, he got a lot of raised eyebrows. All of his old fans booed him for his comment that brought the player a lot of distress.

After receiving so many hateful comments about him he according to the Susan Slusser from San Francisco Chronicles clarified that he meant that Astros had not played many meaningful games at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, but the damage was already done.

When the crowd did not subside jeering at him, Reddick took on Twitter at Saturday Evening to set things straight again. He explained that his comment was misunderstood and was “taken out of context”

“I never meant that ‘meaningful’ games were never played at Rickey Henderson Field,” Reddick wrote. “I played for [five] years in a great organization where I played in a lot of memorable baseball games. [Three] of those years were playoff teams and VERY meaningful games. So for my words to be taken the wrong way by so many people is heartbreaking.”

Reddick added “I would NEVER bash Oakland or the fan base regardless of who I play for. That being said, I’m happy for all those guys in that clubhouse. It’s good to see them winning and playing so well.”

Reddick has played around 596 games in five seasons with Oakland A’s which is the longest ever tenure of his big-league career. After leaving Oakland after he was traded to Los Angeles Dodgers he batted an ERA of .326 which includes five doubles, two home runs and 14 RBIs in 114 appearances against his old team members from Oakland Athletics. Now he is playing for Houston Astros and has won his first World Series last season with them.

Regardless of his trade Reddick has always received a warm welcome whenever he visited his hometown. During last season, the Astros manager A.J. Hinch permitted Reddick to take the lineup card during his first series back in Oakland. Also, the stadium played Reddick’s trademark song (George Michael’s “Careless Whisper”) when he entered.

Ronald Acuna Jr. Purposely hit on Elbow by Marlins Starter Jose Urena on Wednesday Night

On Wednesday Nights game between Atlanta Braves and Miami, a hideous scene was witnessed by the audience which was both shocking and agitating. The 20-year-old outfielder, Ronald Acuna was hit on the left elbow by the Marlins Starter Jose Urena.

The ball was said to be the fastest yet, thrown by Urena and it was at a speed of 97.5 mph. another disturbing fact was that it looked as if he intended to hit Acuna on purpose.

Acuna has a fine record of home runs. He had homered in five games in a series. In past 8 games, he has made eight home runs and three opening home runs leaving one more to make the MLB record and as a matter of coincidence, all of them have been against Marlins.

Maybe that became the reason of Urena’s contempt and maybe he decided to take some kind of revenge, though a poor move on his part.

After the deed was done Acuna who was hit sat on the ground for several minutes trying to endure the pain inflicted by his opponent on him. The Brave’s Manager Brian Snitker was fuming with anger at this, he never in his career has ever been seen in an outraged state such as on Wednesday.

“To get hit like that when all he’s doing is playing the game, he’s not doing anything to show anybody up,” Snitker said. “He’s just playing the game. He’s a young, talented kid. That’s a shame that happened. What happens if they hit him there and it breaks his elbow and he’s done for the year? With what we’re trying to accomplish here and where we’re at, there’s no reason for that. I mean, this is a game.”

It took both the coaches and umpires to stop Manager Brian Snitker from getting near Urena. He was soon ejected by the third-base umpire Paul Nauert and the crew chief. Benches were left empty as both teams came to the mound to see what has been through. Even the team members felt it was outrageous:

“It was gutless,” Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman said. “I know that wasn’t the Marlins. That was just Jose Urena. I don’t understand it. Just because a kid is having fun playing a game and having incredible success makes no sense.”

Starter Jose Urena was also ejected even after Marlins manager Don Mattingly condemnation and right-hander Elieser Hernandez took his place but Acuna lingered to run the bases, after second inning he left the mound no longer able to bear the pain. The attack by the Marlins starter was a meager attempt to put Braves low. Atlanta Braves did not get revenge but won (5-2) against Miami Marlin nonetheless.

“I’m not sure I’ve ever felt like that in a baseball uniform,” Snitker said. “That was just my emotion. That kid didn’t deserve that.”

In the middle of the game, Dansby Swanson, the Braves’ Shortstop made a tremendous homer and dedicated this to his team-mate Acuna by making his gestures at the end.

Acuna’s injury was unfortunate but the game still continues as he has not been able to make a home-run once more. The teams will meet again in Miami for a rematch starting from 23rd to 26th of August.

Toronto Blue Jays: Brandon Drury’s Hand Injury Puts Him in DL Again

The infielder for the Toronto Blue Jays, Brandon Drury went back to DL Tuesday. From the time he joined Blue Jays after his trade from The Yankees he is been giving weak performances.

On that note, the Jays manager, John Gibbons noticed it first, he said:

“He’s hit before, he’s got some power,” he said “I just thought he was feeling for the ball a little bit too much. But that kind of explains it with the wrist. He was biting the bullet a little bit. But he’s a kid that’s been in demand by everybody — so, that tells you everything you need to know. He’s a hard-nosed guy. He doesn’t talk a lot. He’s still feeling his way around a new team, I think. But he seems to be all business.”

Drury had injured his hand while playing for Yankees. In a game against Tampa Bay Rays, he tried to trace a 93-m.p.h. fastball up and in which got and in a heat of removing himself from the balls focus his hands got in between and the ball hit the base of his hand above the wrist. The Yankees trainer went to inspect and decided to remove him from the game. He has an X-Ray but it showed nothing of particular concern.

“X-Ray came back clean, looked well. So, I was just trying to do treatment and stuff the last week-and-a-half. And it just wasn’t getting better,” Drury said. “My hand was broke. So, I was just trying to play through it. I was doing everything I could to play through it. But it was just to the point where I couldn’t swing right, I couldn’t catch the ball right — it wasn’t right.”

Drury was receiving treatments daily put to no avail, his injury was not getting any better no matter what amount of medication he took.

The things got clear when he was sent for MRI and CT scan on Sunday to see what was the reason for his injury not improving. It turned out that all this time Drury was playing with his hand being fractured. The base of his fifth metacarpal (The pinky finger) of left hand been severely damaged all along without anyone taking notice.

Manager John Gibbons said he was impressed that Drury was playing all while being this severely injured. It’s been reported that he will have to stay in the hospital for a minimum of 10 days with his left hand and wrist protected in a cast.

Brandon Drury expressed his views on his fractured hand as one of the frustrations in a comment.

“It’s very frustrating. It’s not what I was looking for when I got traded over here. But my goal is now to get back healthy and get where I want to be as fast as I can,” he said. “I was out there playing, so, there’s no excuses. But, at the same time, it didn’t feel too good.”

Though it’s not ideal to play baseball with a broken bone in your hand. It is likely that Drury will be able to resume his playing after the cast gets off. He is expected to be back in the game by the end of the month.

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Carlos Martinez Went to DL in the 5th Inning of the Game Against Colorado

In the Middle of the Monday’s Game Against Colorado the ST. Louis Cardinals’ Right-Hander Pitcher Carlos Martinez was sent back to the DL List after being reported recovered from his Oblique Strain.

Monday’s Game was his first start after being recovered but the trainers noticed that he was appearing stiff and his fastball was sitting between 88 and 90 MPH during the inning. So, after being visited by the team Trainer Chris Conroy, pitching coach Mike Maddux, and Manager Mike Shildt in the start of the fifth inning, Martinez left the game with a reported Shoulder Strain. The test results are being checked to see if this ailment is connected to the last one.

Before walking off of the mound, Martinez was pitching strong. He struck out nine batters, walked one and left the mound with two batters on the fifth.

Martinez record of this season is 6-6 with an ERA of 3.41 in which he has 18 starts.

According to the Manager Mike Shildt, the strain Martinez received is “Mil” and that the MRI results show no structural damage. Still, the Organization is looking to have a more thorough diagnosis on Tuesday.

“That was disappointing,” Shildt said. “That was vintage what we want to see out of Carlos. He was, from pitch one, in full attack mode with quality stuff throughout. He got into jams a little bit, was able to pitch out and make pitches. That was first-rate, front-of-the-line rotation stuff right there.”

“He just said, ‘My shoulder is sore, but I can go,'” Shildt said. “Clearly, we’re not going to let him go.”

Martinez has been to the hospital for two prior injuries as well this season, one was his right latissimus dorsi strain which made him miss a whole month earlier this year and then an oblique injury that made him miss a start last week.

He was replaced by Daniel Poncedeleon, who had hit seven hitless innings in one of his last appearances three years ago. He walked a batter loading him with basses and then gave a grand slam to Nolan Arenado. It was the first time for the Cardinals History that a pitcher served a grand slam on the First Major League hit he allowed.

“I was in panic mode a little bit,” said Poncedeleon, “They told me to take my time, but I still think I kind of rushed it a little.”


The Giants Lost Bay Bridge Series Finale To A’s

Holding onto a late lead is not always easy it was proved in the Sunday Afternoon’s Game between The San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics. They Played seven innings without a single score took on the lead in 8 but lost the games to A’s anyways.

The A’s 6-5 Lead was a tough loss for the Giants, in the three games of in the Bay Bridge Series they had scored a total of 13 runs with 4 of them on Sunday and they all were made in or after the seventh inning. Whatever kind of comeback they gave in the game it was just not enough to win a game that they were losing till the seventh inning.

“It’s a tough way to lose, no question,” Giants manager Bruce Bochy said. “To make a comeback like that. But they got a break. Two tough losses for us, especially the way we battled back.”

Actually, the game started in the seventh inning with a one-out single by Alen Hanson. During all those innings it was the fourth hit that Sean Manaea Allowed. This single was just the start and A’s were still leading by 4-1.  Then Pablo Sandoval hit a double off Lou Trivino after which Alen Hanson gave a fantastic comeback with another one of his singles that ultimately tied the game between the Giants and the Athletics. Then in the eighth, the game took an interesting turn when Andrew McCutchen hit a shooting homer to the left field giving the Giants a 5-4 lead.

But the lead was short-lived as the Khris Davis hit second home runs of the day which tied the game off Mark Melancon and the game ended with A’s win when Shortstop Matt Brandon Crawford missed Matt Chapman’s chopper that went into the center field.

“It was a high enough hop that I thought I could get it on that first big hop,” Crawford said. “It came down a lot steeper than I thought it was going to, I think that’s what caused me to miss it.”

“You always want to keep fighting,” Crawford said. “We did battle back these last two games, I just think we need to get it going a little bit earlier.” Get your San Francisco Giants Tickets cheap 2019.

Starter Johnny Cueto fought complete seven innings, allowing four runs, striking out three and walking two. It was one of his best performances after being revealed of the DL in July. Cueto allowed three home runs on Sunday from which two were by Matt Olson. After Getting out of DL he has given up seven long balls while he had allowed just one in this season’s first five starts of his.

“He really grinded it out for seven innings and had a chance to get the win,” Bochy said. “He made some mistakes, but he gave us what we needed because the bullpen was thin. Here, he leaves the game with a one-run lead and we just couldn’t hold it for him. He really competed well.”

Cueto comments also supported the words of his manager:

“I feel really good, I mean my confidence is high,” the right-hander said. “Right now, the only thing I’m trying to do is forget the injury. My goal is to get back to the form that I had.”

In the Bay Bridge Series finale at Oakland Coliseum, With this loss, the Giants have fallen have lost a series for the first time since June against Marlins and Dodgers.

The Dodgers, Kiké Hernandez’s Solo Home Run Broke The Tie And Won Them a 5-3 Victory Over Angels This Sunday Afternoon

Kike Hernandez 16th home run of this season brought Dodgers out of the tie with Angels and earn them a 5-3 victory. He dominated the seventh inning and lead his team to a worthwhile win in the final match of the freeway series.

Both teams won 2 of the 3 games on their own hometown fields and the four of the six games were decided on one run. That shows how competent both teams are. Watching a match between two teams that go so well together was a blast.

Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts, said something like this about the freeway series, “Those are fun,” he said, “We’re all fans and you get to see two of the games best go head-to-head, and that’s always a treat.”

Other than just one loss against Arizona Diamondbacks, this win took Dodgers back to being the first in the National League West. This being the fourth time in last five season that dodgers been placed first in National League West. They did an awesome job on coming to ten games over (53-43) from ten games under (16-26) since the middle of the May.

“I don’t think we were a 16-26 ballclub,” Dodgers left-hander Clayton Kershaw said. “It was good for us to right the ship that quickly. Thankfully, Arizona was in a tough spot at that time, too, so we didn’t lose much ground. Now, we’re in first, a good spot to be in going into the last 2-1/2 months, for sure.”

The game started with Yasmani Grandal’s 13th homer in the second inning. That’s when the scores started rolling.

“I’ve seen Deck for a while,” Grandal said of his at-bat against Deck McGuire. “I faced him for three years at Miami when he was throwing a little bit harder. I got a glance of what I wanted to do against him in the game he pitched against us in Anaheim. I pretty much built my game plan around it, and it just so happened it played into it today.”

Grandal finished his turn scoring a 3-3 with a walk. His current score is good enough with .667 batting, 6 runs, 3 doubles, 1 triple, 2 homers and 7 RBIs over the last seven games played at the Dodgers stadium.

Andrew Toles and Chris Taylor followed him with singles and Hernandez scored the second run of the game with a sacrifice fly to left field.

After two pitches, Clayton Kershaw derived his first RBI of the season and 30th of his career to bring in another score and  Dodgers were then leading by 3-0.

Kershaw although is among seven most dynamic pitchers, was having a hard time on the field this Sunday. He was fighting through the first inning, settling on from there but then again ran into trouble at the start of the fourth inning.

“RBIs, that’s what I need,” Kershaw joked. “That means guys are on-base for me, so there must be something going right for sure.”

“They did a good job of laying off stuff there in that first inning,” said Kershaw. “I was fortunate to get out of that, and I felt like I got in a pretty good groove there.”

After a series of singles by Justin Upton and Ian Kinsler, Jefry Marte brought a new turn to the game with his three-run homer that tied the game.

“I thought I could get a fastball in on him and I missed a little bit up,” Kershaw said of the home run by Marte. “I didn’t think it was going to go out, but he put enough backswing on it to get out of the park.”

Then Kenta Maeda struck out Kinsler to end the threat from the game at the start of the seventh inning after which Hernandez end the game with his career’s best home run to the left field.

He was the hero of the day and led the dodger to this amazing victory. His homer was the 129th homer of the dodger this season also nailed the spot of most home runs prior to All-Star Break in their franchise’s History.

Other than that, he drove two runs in the defense and made two defensive plays at second base to the right field.

“Kiké is right there for our team MVP at this point,” said Roberts. “He’s a plus defender everywhere. He’s made plays all first half and with the bat, the big homer today. With his energy, it seems like every time he’s in there something good happens.”

“We’re playing a little bit more now what we are,” said Kershaw of the team’s turnaround. “It’s good for us to right the ship, and right the ship so quickly. We’re in first and it’s a good spot to be in going into the last two and a half months.”

Seattle Mariners Decided To Extend Jerry Dipoto’s Contract

The Seattle Mariners Decided to extend their executive Vice president and General Manager, Jerry Dipoto for several for he has been the source to their upbringing in recent years and has made a major impact in their overall franchise.

This was announced by the chairman of Mariners on Friday afternoon that they have signed a multi-year contract with Jerry Dipoto.

“As I excited as I am about this team doing so well, today is about the long-term future of the franchise,” said Mariners chairman John Stanton. “I’m delighted on behalf of the ownership and the entire organization of the Seattle Mariners to announce that Jerry Dipoto has signed a multi-year extension to his contract as general manager. We believe this is a very important, momentous day for the franchise. We appreciate all he’s done in terms of putting together a management team that has made an enormous difference in our success. As much as he is described as a manager, I think of Jerry as more of a leader.”

It’s been three whole years since Dipoto’s joining with the Mariners, he was hired for a three-year contract on September 28th in the year 2015 replacing Jack Zduriencik. In Mariners’ History, he is the 9th full-time General Manager. After Dipoto’s joining the team has gained the 8th best record in the major leagues at 221-196 and this season they have been uplifted to a 4th best position in Major League Baseball at 57-34.

“As I said when I arrived here, I believe this organization has every opportunity to be successful on a consistent basis,” Dipoto said in a press release. “The combination of a supportive ownership group, great ballpark, passionate fan base and the beautiful city gives us all the tools we need to consistently compete for division titles, and division titles give us the opportunity to attain our primary goal: Winning the World Series here in Seattle.”

Through his past experience as a baseball executive, Dipoto has grown into a very intellectual and smart. He started his career as special assistant to Colorado Rockies in 2001 lasting to 2002 immediately after he retired from being a full-time basketball player. After that, he joined the scouting department for the Boston Red Sox and worked there for a year from 2003 to 2004. In 2005, he returned to Colorado Rockies as the Director of the Player Personnel, and then he moved to Arizona Diamondbacks as a Vice President of Player Personnel in 2006 to 2010 and then was appointed the General Manager for the same team in 2010. Since 2011 to 2015 Dipoto worked as a General Manager for the Los Angeles Angels rose them to win the American League West Title in 2014 with most wins approx. 98 in the MLB. Then, Until joining Marines he worked as a Special Assistant to the Boston Red Sox.

“Jerry arrived here two-and-a-half years ago with a specific plan for our franchise,” said Mariners President & Chief Executive Officer Kevin Mather in a press statement. “He has successfully executed that plan, resulting in a younger, more athletic and, most importantly, far more successful Major League team.

“At the same time, he has upgraded nearly every aspect of our overall baseball operation, improving systems, staff and communication in our Major League operations, our player development system, our pro and amateur scouting departments and our revamped High-Performance Area,” Mather said.

Everyone is really excited to see where does Dipoto takes the Mariners from here on.

Chicago Cubs 5th Consecutive Win 5-3 over Detroit Tigers

Lately Chicago Cubs has been in full form winning games over and over again, seems like turning tables is no big deal for them.

That is exactly what surfaced during Tuesday’s game against Detroit Tigers, they were running without making a single score until seventh inning, when Anthony Rizzo took the bat, the cubs finally snapped into action at that time after Anthony scored 3 runs to make the game a tie followed by Kyle Schwarzer’s home run that turned the game upside down giving tigers a 2-score deficit and a 5-3 victory in Chicago Cubs name.

Recently that’s the deal with the Cubs, the other teams start to score and then Cubs sweep away their victory in an unexpected flash of seconds.

“We know we’re a good team,” Rizzo said. “We just have to string together good at-bats.”

That is what we saw on Tuesday.

After one out in the seventh inning, tigers’ Reliever, Daniel Stumpf got singled by Jason Heyward and Ben Zobrist. Rizzo’s best ever slow bouncer scored enough to come to a tie in the match and Heyward scored the 4th run to give the cubs lead, what was left was done after Kyle Schwarber’s 17th homer in the eighth inning.

“They threw him a lot of changeups, good pitches,” Heyward talking about Schwarber’s homer. “It’s a testament of us staying in tune and keeping it simple.”

Anthony Rizzo is avoiding home runs this season with only 12 in whole season up till now, while has struck more than 31 in each season in past. On asking he told that apparently, he doesn’t think long shot is always the answer.

“You get down and start battling at two strikes, it’s not about hitting a homer,” Rizzo said. “It’s just about putting the ball in play and we’re doing a good job at that.”

The 2nd from the four relievers of Chicago Cubs, Justin Wilson earned a scoreless pitch in the seventh inning, ultimately leading them to victory. Pedro Strop also pitched a scoreless ninth inning.

After five innings the cubs allowed a single hit from the starter Kyle Hendrick, he earned tigers 3-runs and seven hits went in no-decision. the right-hander is 1-4 with a 6.75 ERA In his past six starts.

“They didn’t beat him up by any means today,” manager Joe Maddon said. “It’s just that it wasn’t a typical surgeon-like procedure from Kyle. He looks good, he’s just not executing.”

The Detroit Tigers faced their 12th lose in last 14 games after this one on Tuesday against Chicago Cubs with Mikie Mahtook’s three singles and one run, Niko’s run with a double and Jeimer Candelario and James McCann an RBI each.

Hendricks’ first-inning ERA expanded to 8.47 thanks to three singles and one run by Jeimer Candelario and also Niko Goodrum’s RBI double. After that, the cubs turned the tables one after another Hendricks made a diving catch near the right-field line in the second inning, and Rizzo turned a sacrifice attempt into a double play in the fourth, then the Tigers took a 3-0 lead on James McCann’s RBI single.

“That just shows how good the other aspects have been,” said Hendricks, referring to the bullpen, the offense and Lester. “We have one guy (Lester) who has been carrying it, and the rest of us have been up and down.

“Surprising? Maybe. But as good as all those other parts have been, once we get rolling, that shows how good we can be.”

This game has produced a .468 batting average to the cubs. They showed the world how good they are when the overcame their 3-0 deficit in Tuesday’s win.


What’s been Going On In Boston Red Sox: Recent Updates on the Team

In a recent update, such reports about the first baseman Hanley Ramirez have been surfacing that he’s been involved in a drug trafficking case, however according to the Boston Globe Ramirez isn’t involved in any such case and rumors like he is been under federal investigation are baseless.

The reports say that a former friend of the player claimed to have dropped a box to Hanley Ramirez to avoid the police and on checking the box it contained fentanyl which he originally intended to transport from New York to Massachusetts. When the police contacted Ramirez the convicted person immediately altered his statement saying the player is not involved in this drug deal.

Ramirez is obviously not under any federal investigation and enjoying holidays with his family he also tweeted on the matter saying:

“I have been home enjoying my family. Not being on a team has been my choice. Grateful to those of you who resisted spreading the reckless, misleading reports”

We have found out from the attorney representing the arrested man that he belongs to the Dominican Republic and has grown up alongside with Ramirez that is why he tried using his name and obviously failed.


Due to their falling Defense Boston Red Sox had to face 7-2 defeat against Seattle Mariners. Going on in one after other games awhile back in which they had scored 23 runs and 36 hits the Red Sox fell vulnerable against Mariners and faced a 7-2 lose.

Here are some comments from Red Sox Members concerning the game:

Rodriguez commenting on his loose delivery:

“That’s my job, shutting them down as quick as I can,” said Rodriguez. “They scored one run and I tried to keep us in position to win the game and then I gave up five runs. I’ve got to turn the page and get ready for the next game.”

Then he pointed out some of his weaknesses saying:

“I would say today was just the command of my pitches,” Rodriguez said. “I missed with a lot of cutters and changeups over the plate and this is the big leagues. That’s going to happen.”

Alex Cora was expecting Mariners would be aggressive and he wanted Rodriguez to be sharp, but he couldn’t make it like that. Here’s what Alex Cora had to say after that:

“Just one of those nights. He went eight and you look back and we put some good swings and didn’t put up good at-bats sometimes – it was a tough night overall,” said Cora.

In another report from Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle, it seems Red Sox have a notable interest in the first baseman and left fielder for the Oakland Athletics of Major League Baseball, Mark Canha.

Canha is 29 years old and has hit .250/.322/.452 and is very good with lefties he has hit .969 with lefties and .634 against righties so far. Also, he has a record of 9 home runs this season.

Boston Red Sox’ are in a great need of pitching defense and with five starters on DL Canha might just be what they need but he won’t come that easy he has been starting Oakland’s games since his season debut and is of great use to them. Bostons will need to do a lot to get him. Oakland is in search of starting pitching depth right but hopefully, next few weeks will clear out what becomes of this guess made by Susan Slusser, if she is right about this trade rumor we will be seeing a whole better pitch defense from Red Sox.