Rumor has it Luis Castillo’s wife gave birth this morning and Castillo dropped the baby (H/T Malter)

In all seriousness, give credit to the Mets who have been looking much better as of late while playing against a very good Rockies team. My prediction of them playing until the last day of the season (only to fail again) is looking great!

Newsday thinks that not firing Minaya has to do with Madoff. I think that the Mets would swallow the money if they felt it was the move they needed to make. I also think that it would have to be the first time someone was fired before his extension kicked in. That’s impressive.

Also, Razor Shines doesn’t care how good your throwing arm is according to Amazin’ Avenue
A Mets win tonight and a Giants loss would put the Mets within 4.5 games of the Wild Card. Don’t stop believin’!

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