Juan Soto performed two homers one to left and another to right which eventually caused Nationals victory of 5-4 over Yankees in the final series in Yankee Stadium.

After the game being postponed due to rain before when it continued again almost after a month it raised the curiosity of the viewers to much larger extent, the best part of the game without a doubt were Soto’s debut home runs of this season. He lifted the Nationals to 4-3 in his first innings and earned them an unforgettable win with 5-4. The homeruns were one to left and one to right both approximately ranging from 433 to 436 feet.

Juan Soto homers

Another name that comes to mind with a reference newbie is the Nationals 2014’s 1st round pick, Eric Fedde. He used his experience very well that he gained after playing against San Diego Padres in his 2018 debut last month.

Fedde had lost 6 hits and 3 runs during the game and it ended in a loss with 3-1 against Padres, but he did and felt much better this time around.

“I felt like today the game never got too quick for me. Just felt like much more in check of myself. I think that was the biggest thing. I think all my stuff was working really well today, so that helped,” Fedde said.

He started off this time with a 1-0 lead by the courtesy of Anthony Rendon’s sac fly RBI, but it couldn’t last long due to National’s catcher Spencer Kieboom’s defected throws Brett Gardner took the middle then the second and then third and after that Aaron judge scored a sac fly ending the results in 1-1.

After that Greg Byrd came in to put up with 1-1 slider that was left by Fedde and send a solo to the right giving Yankees another rise up to 2-1.


Aaron Judge knockout a full-count curve off to the left field wall, with one out in the third inning and scored from third one later on a Giancarlo Stanton chopper which got by Anthony Rendon, 3-1.

Erick Fedde’s Line: 5.0 IP, 6 H, 4 R, 4 ER, 1 BB, 3 Ks, 2 HRs, 87 P, 55 S, 9/2 GO/FO.

Juan Soto was the one who put the Nationals to top by earning three runs in the fourth inning, right after the 12th pitch in the middle of fourth inning, Fedde gave up yet another home run to Yankee’s Second baseman Gleyber Torres on an 0-1 sinker which was his 12th in 2018.

yankees over under wins


Gray’s Turn: Yankee’s attained starter from the Oakland A’s in a 3 for 1 trade in last July, Sonny Gray settled for 3.44 ERA and a .224/.295/.388 line in his last 6 outings after scoring a 6.67 ERA and a .289/.393/.412 line in his first six starts also he has 27 IP this season.

Gray was 1-0 behind in the night’s start then Adam Eaton came in and doubled on a line drive that hopped to the left center wall and later earned a score from the third base by one out on a sac fly from Anthony Rendon’s bat to the center field, 1-0.

Greg Bird’s Solo home run in the second inning and Giancarlo Stanton’s RBI Single got Yankees to lead with 3-1 but they soon were left behind by 4-3 in a half inning later in match by Juan Soto three run blast that caused Gray Byrd to give up against Soto’s 96 mph 1-0 fastball sent out to the right in the opposite direction causing his first home run from a right hander and overall 4th home run.

yankees over the air

Sonny Gray’s Line: 5.0 IP, 7 H, 4 R, 4 ER, 2 BB, 1 K, 89 P, 51, 7/1 GO/FO.

Letting out runners: the National’s Juan Soto was picked off first to end the second inning after Matt Adams got doubled off in second inning by Gleyber Torres liner off the Wilmer Difo’s bat in order to end the start of something when Matt Adams singled and Soto walked in his first two Abs.

After that Adam Eaton tried to prolongate a single into a double to the left but his misfortune that got thrown out in his first at bat in third inning.

In the National’s half of the third inning Trea Turner put down two singles but soon got brought down by the Yankee’s Right-handed Pitcher Sonny Gray.

After Adam Eaton’s Leading Single in the eighth inning, Michael A. Taylor proceeded as a pinch runner, he tried to steal second but got thrown out.

Juan Soto’s Homers: Juan Soto’s first three home runs in his career in Major Leagues were against lefties but this time he got the chance to go up against a righty. This Phenomenal 19-year-old person at arms threw a three-run blast against Sonny gray in his opposite direction on a speed of 96 mph 1-0 fastball at just the right distance to clear the fence.

He did it again in the seventh inning to bring the nationals back to the top after Yankees had managed get it to tie. He sent a single shot to right-center off Chase Shreve.

BULLPEN ACTION: Chase Shreve came in the sixth inning and retired to the side in order to bring Yankee’s on top nevertheless he did a great job at keeping the score at tie on 4-4.

Justin Miller came in the end of the sixth inning from the Nationals and took off to the side with a swift 14-pitch frame that earned him 10 scoreless innings at the mound during which he allowed only one hit while striking out 20 out of 31 batter he went up against.

Juan Soto then put a lot of effort to bring Nationals back on top throwing a fantastic hit on a 1-0 fastball from lefty Chasen Shreve in the start of the seventh inning after which Miller came back out and gave up a leadoff double to the right by Greg Byrd and was replaced by Sammy Solis on the mound two batters later.

Solis threw a rough pitch that in turn stirred Byrd to Third inning, then he fielded for 3rd out in the series when Brett Gardner hit a grounder back to the mound.

Ryan Madson came in the end of the eighth inning from Nationals right after David Robertson threw a scoreless in the top of the inning also he stranded two runners after putting two scores and one out on a walk to Didi Gregorius plus a single by Giancarlo Stanton.

Sean Doolittle came to the field in the ninth and retired to the side in order to find 17th save in 18 opportunities.

The game came to an end with final score of 5-4 with a win of the Washington Nationals over NY Yankees. Nationals are now at 37-28.

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