According to a tweet by the man himself Gerald Peter Remy, A.K.A Jerry Remy is now officially cancer free. He went through a scan this Saturday and according to him it went quite successful he added: “cancer free for now and hopefully forever.” In his tweet.

Remy is along with being MLB Red Sox T.V Analyst is also a former MLB second baseman. Remy grew up in Somerset, Massachusetts. He was first recruited by the California Angels in 1971. The All-star second baseman later was traded to Boston Red Sox in 1977. Remy was titled the starting second baseman for the Red Sox in 1978 and also got selected for MLB All-Star Game, though could not play in the game. For the time he played with Red Sox he batted .278 with 44 RBIs and 30 stolen bases in 148 games and also two home runs which proved to be the last of his career. He was forced for an early retirement after suffering a series of injuries in 1985.

After that, he took up the career in TV Broadcasting. He joined NESN in 1988 as the official commentator for Boston Red Sox and continued working till his recent leave of absence after his August Diagnosis.

The 66-year-old Remy has fought many a battle against cancer from the time he was first diagnosed with it back in 2008. He has gone in and out many times in the last few seasons. Like in February 2017 he announced that the cancer is back but he was soon back at the NESN booth. But then again in June 2017, the disease caused him severe damage and he had to go through chemotherapy and surgery. This made him miss out most of the second half of the season. Though he returned in September for a few games.

But by the looks of the recent tweet by himself, he might be cured for good this time around.

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