Yankee’s recent game have earned them oddsmakers’ good side. According to Sport Experts they now are dominion over the label of World Series Favorites.

The Bombers’ title odds sit at 5-1, which were at 9-1 at the beginning of May and now have significantly fell, they were three games behind the Red Sox in the AL East at that time. The Astros — who held the shortest odds at the start of the month — are a close second at 11-2, with Boston holding at 13-2.


This big change happened when Yankees started their month magnificently winning 10 out of 12 games in May which are 20 out of 23 in total.

The Yankees back to back fabulous performances and the high capacity bets was the reason for this change to occur.
“When we reopened our odds after the Giancarlo Stanton trade, the New York Yankees were listed as the favorites,” Kevin Bradley, Bovada’s sportsbook manager, told The Post. “They were soon passed by the defending champion Houston Astros as 15.94 percent of all bets were on them and our exposure lead us to move them back to the favorites. Now after a league’s best start by the Yankees, combined with the fact that 19.9 percent of all bets in the last 10 days have been on them, we have moved them back into the favorite spot.”

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