Though we see many highs and lows in the Chicago Cubs offense and starting pitching, one man in their team continues to be the source of their stability throughout the whole process.

When the Chicago Cubs signed Brandon Marrow this season, I was hoping for there was some secret agenda to that like you know something like utilizing Marrow as the late-inning Fireman similarly to the Dodgers when they were heading for the World Series last year, add a shutdown closer or maybe take back Wade Davis…

Brandon Morrow

Thank God it’s not me under the curtains, controlling everything.

Davis, by all means have marked an astounding three-year, $52 million contract plus a possibility for 2021. He’s definitely been nasty, obtaining 18 saves over the initial two months of the season. But in the time, he was good I still liked what I’ve gotten from Brandon Morrow even more.

He came into the view about 20 times for Joe Maddon, picking up 12 saves in full swing. In that time, he has missed just one opportunity that was back in early May. Other than that sole mistake, the hard-throwing right-hander has been completely equivalent to leading players at most of the games. You can get your cheap Chicago cubs tickets 2018 to  watch the game live in stadium. has all teams tickets and providing it in cheap price. Also checkout Boston Red Sox tickets cheap prices before your select your tickets.

On this Wednesday’s Final against Pittsburg the opposing team has .190 average in contrast to Morrow. At home, he has been mostly deadly, posting a 0.580 WHIP in 11 appearances. he has bank on absolute nasty mess including a heater that blows past hitters in triple digits both on Wrigley and at the curb.

I’ll say it once more, that its best that Cubs are positioning him in conducts close to Dodgers. Hypothetically speaking, if not anything else this will keep Marrow healthy until the last part of the game. And to give the credit his fellow relievers has done quite a job through their brilliant performances otherwise cubs might not have been able to have the luxury of their closer. Cubs pen carrying their weight.

The cubs signed in the contract for two years with Brain Duensing again and it has come to terms with great things for both parties. As a result of 24 appearances, the southpaw carries a 1.59 ERA, as good as corresponding reliever Pedro Strop.

Justin Hancock and Steve Cishek also joined in the team with sub-2.00 ERAs. That gives an immediate idea on how unfathomable this case has been. The two struggling relievers, using that term very lightly and further for comparing the names previously stated – are Justin Wilson and Carl Edwards. Both of whom, may I say, have inadequate foes to batting averages south of .200. So, similar to what I said, ‘struggling’ is a biased term if you actually need to get into the depth of the things. But that’s an extra story for another time.

At the end I would say that when Chicago brought Morrow into the team, they had forged a plot to use him and thankfully due to not just his utter supremacy but the deeds of his fellowmen from the team have benefit them without a doubt.

You can forget about Aroldis chapman and Wade Davis because it time for Brandon Morrow to come into the picture and he is getting on with that without creating much of any controversies.

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