If we say the Sunday was just one of the normal at Miller Park it’ll be a total lie.

The game started with a quite normal feel and turn extraordinary starting from the sixth inning. The Game Ended with Brewers 6-3 victory over Giants that turned up their control over their standing in the National League Central as well.

Now about the crazy stuff that went on the field during the sixth inning, Milwaukee was straggling behind San Francisco 2-1.

Giants Champ Madison Bumgarner threw a total of three pitches toward Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun which includes the third one that actually hit him. Both sides of the benches got cleared in the heated moment between the game umpire, Tom Hallion and The Brewers Manager Craig Counsell.

The first pitch hit by Bumgarner to Braun was up and in which forced him to move a few steps backward for the batter’s box. The thrust pushed him to the third base line. Then after two pitches Bumgarner again came on to Braun from inside and this he did actually strike him hard.

Braun moved slowly to the first base with the Giants catcher Nick Hundley walking alongside, much to keep him from charging the mound but it didn’t take long for brewers dugout to get empty as well as both bullpens.

“Especially when you play a day game here and it’s really hard to see anything that’s at your face…it’s just real uncomfortable,” said Braun. “I had a real long at-bat my second at-bat, flew out, took a pretty good swing.

“I jogged by him and I think maybe he thought I said something that I didn’t say. I told him good pitch, good battle something like that, and maybe he misunderstood me. I don’t know.”

Brewers Manager Counsell left no doubt that the hit was intentional.

“The first pitch was at his face,” he said. “There was a little conversation between Bumgarner and Braun, then the next pitch is inside and the next pitch he gets hit. If they’re trying to pitch around him, just put him on.”

He had a frenzied argument with the umpire before he was asked to leave the field.

After all of this commotion, the first batter who was up was Schoop. Who responded to the uproar by using his player power hitting a fascinating grand slam to the left field which later caused Brewers 6-3 victory over Giants.

He later added an RBI in the eighth inning as a fielder’s choice and finished with four runs. Through that grand slam, Brewers were also able to sweep the series. It was the first series sweep for Brewers after the 2-4 against the Minnesota Twins in July.

“We had a great homestand. We took five out of six on a homestand,” Counsell said. “We pitched very well all homestand – that’s the thing that sticks out for me, is just how well we pitched all homestand.

“We’re racking up wins. That’s the main thing.”

The Brewers were also able to maintain their 2 1/2-game lead over the St. Louis Cardinals for the wild-card standings all while cutting down the Chicago Cubs’ lead in the Central Division to two games with a three-game series at Wrigley Field beginning on Monday.

Since finishing the 2011 season 96-66, Milwaukee is now at 82-62, 20 games over .500 for the first time.

“It means we’ve played good baseball for most of the season,” Braun said. “We’ve put ourselves in a good position, a position you want to be in coming down the stretch.”

“It’s a good place to be. You want to play meaningful games this time of year.”

This Win puts the Brewers only two games behind the Chicago Cubs, the team they are about to face for the next three days in Chicago. If they somehow are able to sweep this series with Cubs just like they did with Giants they will earn the NL Central Lead for the first time since 31st of July.

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