Juan Soto’s Homers Gain Nationals The Bestest Victory In Their History Over Yankees In Yankee Stadium With A Score Of 5-4

Juan Soto performed two homers one to left and another to right which eventually caused Nationals victory of 5-4 over Yankees in the final series in Yankee Stadium.

After the game being postponed due to rain before when it continued again almost after a month it raised the curiosity of the viewers to much larger extent, the best part of the game without a doubt were Soto’s debut home runs of this season. He lifted the Nationals to 4-3 in his first innings and earned them an unforgettable win with 5-4. The homeruns were one to left and one to right both approximately ranging from 433 to 436 feet.

Juan Soto homers

Another name that comes to mind with a reference newbie is the Nationals 2014’s 1st round pick, Eric Fedde. He used his experience very well that he gained after playing against San Diego Padres in his 2018 debut last month.

Fedde had lost 6 hits and 3 runs during the game and it ended in a loss with 3-1 against Padres, but he did and felt much better this time around.

“I felt like today the game never got too quick for me. Just felt like much more in check of myself. I think that was the biggest thing. I think all my stuff was working really well today, so that helped,” Fedde said.

He started off this time with a 1-0 lead by the courtesy of Anthony Rendon’s sac fly RBI, but it couldn’t last long due to National’s catcher Spencer Kieboom’s defected throws Brett Gardner took the middle then the second and then third and after that Aaron judge scored a sac fly ending the results in 1-1.

After that Greg Byrd came in to put up with 1-1 slider that was left by Fedde and send a solo to the right giving Yankees another rise up to 2-1.


Aaron Judge knockout a full-count curve off to the left field wall, with one out in the third inning and scored from third one later on a Giancarlo Stanton chopper which got by Anthony Rendon, 3-1.

Erick Fedde’s Line: 5.0 IP, 6 H, 4 R, 4 ER, 1 BB, 3 Ks, 2 HRs, 87 P, 55 S, 9/2 GO/FO.

Juan Soto was the one who put the Nationals to top by earning three runs in the fourth inning, right after the 12th pitch in the middle of fourth inning, Fedde gave up yet another home run to Yankee’s Second baseman Gleyber Torres on an 0-1 sinker which was his 12th in 2018.

yankees over under wins


Gray’s Turn: Yankee’s attained starter from the Oakland A’s in a 3 for 1 trade in last July, Sonny Gray settled for 3.44 ERA and a .224/.295/.388 line in his last 6 outings after scoring a 6.67 ERA and a .289/.393/.412 line in his first six starts also he has 27 IP this season.

Gray was 1-0 behind in the night’s start then Adam Eaton came in and doubled on a line drive that hopped to the left center wall and later earned a score from the third base by one out on a sac fly from Anthony Rendon’s bat to the center field, 1-0.

Greg Bird’s Solo home run in the second inning and Giancarlo Stanton’s RBI Single got Yankees to lead with 3-1 but they soon were left behind by 4-3 in a half inning later in match by Juan Soto three run blast that caused Gray Byrd to give up against Soto’s 96 mph 1-0 fastball sent out to the right in the opposite direction causing his first home run from a right hander and overall 4th home run.

yankees over the air

Sonny Gray’s Line: 5.0 IP, 7 H, 4 R, 4 ER, 2 BB, 1 K, 89 P, 51, 7/1 GO/FO.

Letting out runners: the National’s Juan Soto was picked off first to end the second inning after Matt Adams got doubled off in second inning by Gleyber Torres liner off the Wilmer Difo’s bat in order to end the start of something when Matt Adams singled and Soto walked in his first two Abs.

After that Adam Eaton tried to prolongate a single into a double to the left but his misfortune that got thrown out in his first at bat in third inning.

In the National’s half of the third inning Trea Turner put down two singles but soon got brought down by the Yankee’s Right-handed Pitcher Sonny Gray.

After Adam Eaton’s Leading Single in the eighth inning, Michael A. Taylor proceeded as a pinch runner, he tried to steal second but got thrown out.

Juan Soto’s Homers: Juan Soto’s first three home runs in his career in Major Leagues were against lefties but this time he got the chance to go up against a righty. This Phenomenal 19-year-old person at arms threw a three-run blast against Sonny gray in his opposite direction on a speed of 96 mph 1-0 fastball at just the right distance to clear the fence.

He did it again in the seventh inning to bring the nationals back to the top after Yankees had managed get it to tie. He sent a single shot to right-center off Chase Shreve.

BULLPEN ACTION: Chase Shreve came in the sixth inning and retired to the side in order to bring Yankee’s on top nevertheless he did a great job at keeping the score at tie on 4-4.

Justin Miller came in the end of the sixth inning from the Nationals and took off to the side with a swift 14-pitch frame that earned him 10 scoreless innings at the mound during which he allowed only one hit while striking out 20 out of 31 batter he went up against.

Juan Soto then put a lot of effort to bring Nationals back on top throwing a fantastic hit on a 1-0 fastball from lefty Chasen Shreve in the start of the seventh inning after which Miller came back out and gave up a leadoff double to the right by Greg Byrd and was replaced by Sammy Solis on the mound two batters later.

Solis threw a rough pitch that in turn stirred Byrd to Third inning, then he fielded for 3rd out in the series when Brett Gardner hit a grounder back to the mound.

Ryan Madson came in the end of the eighth inning from Nationals right after David Robertson threw a scoreless in the top of the inning also he stranded two runners after putting two scores and one out on a walk to Didi Gregorius plus a single by Giancarlo Stanton.

Sean Doolittle came to the field in the ninth and retired to the side in order to find 17th save in 18 opportunities.

The game came to an end with final score of 5-4 with a win of the Washington Nationals over NY Yankees. Nationals are now at 37-28.

Dodgers Will Be Indorsing Caleb Ferguson In His MLB Debut In Pittsburgh

Dodgers will be started two of the three pitchers in their team this week’s PNC Park series who are making their debuts in major-league starts.

While four of their starting pitchers are already on the disabled list namely Clayton Kershaw, Rich Hill, Kenta Maeda and Hyun-Jin Ryu, the dodger already had one of their best pitching starter Dennis Santana promoted this Friday in Denver. Dennis Santana came in on the second inning of the game and will soon be making his MLB debut as a starter against the pirates on following Thursday.

PNC Park

Before this can happened, the Dodgers will be promoting their left-handed Caleb Ferguson for his Major League Debut this Wednesday. He will be joining the Dodgers on Tuesday and will be placed under practice squad until Wednesday. Ferguson is not a part of 40-man roster of Dodgers’ hence the team have to take measures in clearing a spot for him. This week’s promotion completes the dodgers upsurge for Ferguson was selected as a 38th pick from a collection of 40 in 2014’s draft.

Ferguson who is 21 years old have had his Tommy John Surgery back in high school when he was a senior, since then he has been committed to playing college baseball at West Virginia. The dodger though having been late still some how managed to convince him to sign with them.

Similar to Santana, Ferguson also started this season in Double-A and has made only two starts at the Triple-A.
Last year in the hitter-friendly California League, Ferguson made 9-4 with a 2.87 ERA and 140 strikeouts in 122-1/3 innings. This year he started in Double-A and made 3-0 with a 1.38 ERA and 1.05 WHIP in 10 starts. After being Promoted to Triple-A Oklahoma City, Ferguson permitted two earned runs on six hits in eight innings while striking out 12 over two starts.


Matt Kemp’s unpredicted homecoming to Los Angeles remains to be a notable triumph.

Kemp has been chosen to be the National League Player of the Week for last week. During the Dodgers’ seven games, He made 9-21 with two doubles, 3 home runs, 6 runs scored and 8 RBIs.

This Weekly award contributes to be his 6th but first since August 2014.

Kemp came in this week as a breakthrough of the National League in batting (.344, second in the majors to Boston’s Mookie Betts), fourth in OPS (.949) and second in slugging percentage (.572). He is also tops the Dodgers in on-base percentage (.376), doubles (14), RBIs (33) and is tied with Max Muncy and Yasmani Grandal for the team lead in home runs (nine).

Chicago Cubs: Brandon Morrow Providing Loads of Compatibility To The Team

Though we see many highs and lows in the Chicago Cubs offense and starting pitching, one man in their team continues to be the source of their stability throughout the whole process.

When the Chicago Cubs signed Brandon Marrow this season, I was hoping for there was some secret agenda to that like you know something like utilizing Marrow as the late-inning Fireman similarly to the Dodgers when they were heading for the World Series last year, add a shutdown closer or maybe take back Wade Davis…

Brandon Morrow

Thank God it’s not me under the curtains, controlling everything.

Davis, by all means have marked an astounding three-year, $52 million contract plus a possibility for 2021. He’s definitely been nasty, obtaining 18 saves over the initial two months of the season. But in the time, he was good I still liked what I’ve gotten from Brandon Morrow even more.

He came into the view about 20 times for Joe Maddon, picking up 12 saves in full swing. In that time, he has missed just one opportunity that was back in early May. Other than that sole mistake, the hard-throwing right-hander has been completely equivalent to leading players at most of the games.

On this Wednesday’s Final against Pittsburg the opposing team has .190 average in contrast to Morrow. At home, he has been mostly deadly, posting a 0.580 WHIP in 11 appearances. he has bank on absolute nasty mess including a heater that blows past hitters in triple digits both on Wrigley and at the curb.

I’ll say it once more, that its best that Cubs are positioning him in conducts close to Dodgers. Hypothetically speaking, if not anything else this will keep Marrow healthy until the last part of the game. And to give the credit his fellow relievers has done quite a job through their brilliant performances otherwise cubs might not have been able to have the luxury of their closer. Cubs pen carrying their weight.

The cubs signed in the contract for two years with Brain Duensing again and it has come to terms with great things for both parties. As a result of 24 appearances, the southpaw carries a 1.59 ERA, as good as corresponding reliever Pedro Strop.

Justin Hancock and Steve Cishek also joined in the team with sub-2.00 ERAs. That gives an immediate idea on how unfathomable this case has been. The two struggling relievers, using that term very lightly and further for comparing the names previously stated – are Justin Wilson and Carl Edwards. Both of whom, may I say, have inadequate foes to batting averages south of .200. So, similar to what I said, ‘struggling’ is a biased term if you actually need to get into the depth of the things. But that’s an extra story for another time.

At the end I would say that when Chicago brought Morrow into the team, they had forged a plot to use him and thankfully due to not just his utter supremacy but the deeds of his fellowmen from the team have benefit them without a doubt.

You can forget about Aroldis chapman and Wade Davis because it time for Brandon Morrow to come into the picture and he is getting on with that without creating much of any controversies.

Rangers Series Preview: Boston Red Sox

The Rangers are back to Texas for a seven-game home stand, which will be starting from a four game weekend series against Boston Red Sox. Mitch Moreland, who played for rangers a few years back is now at the top leading his Boston Red sox team with a 22-8 record.


Following is a list of Pitching matchups in the game:

Thursday, May 3 at 8:05 PM David Price  vs. Mike Minor

The game one matchups Mike Minor and David Price. After a loss against Tampa and losing his command against Rays Price made one good start against Texas last year by tossing six shutout innings with nine strikeouts and two walks. last year Minor tossed 5 2⁄3 innings against Boston over four appearances and he allowed two runs on eight strikeouts and three walks. Seeing that red sox have been having troubles with lefties this match is ought to be interesting.

Friday, May 4 at 8:05 PM Rick Porcello vs. Bartolo Colon

Friday’s game is going to be a one hot game because the battle is between two wonderful players the best their teams have Rick Porcello and Bartolo Colon. Porcello’s overall performance last year been brilliant in fact he is getting better every second. On the other hand Colon been pitching from a Decade and this 45 year old player still got some guts.

Saturday, May 5 at 8:05 PM Eduardo Rodriguez vs. Cole Hamels

Eduardo Rodriguez will hopefully be making his first start on Saturday. He have had to miss 3 games already and with any luck that wont be the case this time. Cole Hamels will get the start for the Rangers who have been a trade target for years by Red Sox.

Boston Red Sox

Sunday, May 6 at 3:05 PM Chris Sale vs. Doug Fister

Sunday Afternoon’s Series Finale and the best match will see Chris Sale go face to face with former Red Sox team member Doug Fister. Sale is one of the best baseball pitchers and no less can be said for Fister. The game should be exciting considering both player fly through the motions.

High Chances for New York Yankees to win the World Series

Yankee’s recent game have earned them oddsmakers’ good side. According to Sport Experts they now are dominion over the label of World Series Favorites.

The Bombers’ title odds sit at 5-1, which were at 9-1 at the beginning of May and now have significantly fell, they were three games behind the Red Sox in the AL East at that time. The Astros — who held the shortest odds at the start of the month — are a close second at 11-2, with Boston holding at 13-2.


This big change happened when Yankees started their month magnificently winning 10 out of 12 games in May which are 20 out of 23 in total.

The Yankees back to back fabulous performances and the high capacity bets was the reason for this change to occur.
“When we reopened our odds after the Giancarlo Stanton trade, the New York Yankees were listed as the favorites,” Kevin Bradley, Bovada’s sportsbook manager, told The Post. “They were soon passed by the defending champion Houston Astros as 15.94 percent of all bets were on them and our exposure lead us to move them back to the favorites. Now after a league’s best start by the Yankees, combined with the fact that 19.9 percent of all bets in the last 10 days have been on them, we have moved them back into the favorite spot.”

Melky Hits For Cycle, Moves Tony Fernandez Into Yankee Oblivion

My dad and I both hated it: for 14 years, every time they would talk about someone going for a cycle in a Yankees broadcast or had a trivia question about it on the radio, the answer was always Tony Fernandez. The Yankees signed Fernandez in 1995 to be a one-year stopgap until top prospect Derek Jeter was ready to man shortstop. Fernandez would be a 5-time All-Star who hit the Yankees really hard, but in his one year in the Bronx, he had his worst season in the Majors with a .245/.322/.346 line. The Yankees would go down in a painful ALDS loss to the Mariners and Fernandez would go down as one of my least favorite Yankees ever.


Melky Cabrera changed that today. He became the 15th Yankee to hit for the cycle. Before Fernandez (9/3/95), the last six Yankees to hit for the cycle were Bobby Murcer (8/29/72), Mickey Mantle (7/23/57), Joe DiMaggio (5/20/48) and Joe Gordon (9/8/40). Amazingly, Bobby Murcer’s cycle only came with one RBI.

Melky’s today led to a big Yankees’ win. If you thought you were turning this game on to see a pitching duel, you were sorely mistaken. CC Sabathia was not great, but got the win. Mark Buehrle came off of his Major League record streak of 45-straight batters retired, and got hit hard by the Yankees.

But the biggest hitter of all was Melky Cabrera who got it started early with the 3-run home run and ended it late with a triple that led to a big insurance run. Melky had all of the Yankees extra base hits in the game. Melky said in his post-game interview with Kimberly Jones of YES that he would have gone for third even if he would have gotten out. That’s not really what you want to hear, but it was good to see how excited Melky was after the triple. He worked himself back into the starting lineup this season and has been hitting really well recently (.819 OPS in July).

This was a big win for the Yankees. They need to get back on a roll with Boston coming in to the Bronx this week. Hopefully this is the first step in that process.

Who Exactly Was Canseco Talking About?

When there’s steroids news, there’s Jose Canseco quotes. To be fair, although most people thought he was a nut, he’s been right about mostly all of the players he’s called out as steroids users. So what did he say today?

“When you tell me something I didn’t already know, I’ll be surprised,” Canseco told ESPN. “And I’ll tell you this, Major League Baseball is going to have a big, big problem on their hands when they find out they have a Hall of Famer who’s used.”


“It’s not about naming names,” he said. “I’ve never had anything against the players. It’s always been against Major League Baseball. I know who’s on that list, but like I said, it’s not about attacking the players. It’s about the machine that allowed this to happen. What I speak out of my mouth is the truth. It burns like fire. Just remember, I have never lied about this subject.”

So who the heck is Jose talking about? Let’s just assume it was someone he actually played with. Using Baseball-Reference’s Oracle, which shows you everyone that Jose Canseco played with, here are the current Hall-Of-Famers who were his teammates (although he could have very well been talking about possible future Hall Of Famers Rafael Palmeiro, Roger Clemens, Derek Jeter or Mariano Rivera)

Nolan Ryan
Rickey Henderson
Wade Boggs
Reggie Jackson
Don Sutton
Rich “Goose” Gossage
Dennis Eckersley

The only guy on that list who was active in 2003? Rickey Henderson, the guy who was JUST elected to the baseball Hall of Fame. And Rickey Henderson and Jose Canseco were teammates on the 1990 Oakland A’s when Rickey won his only MVP…

Just saying…

Less Than 24 Hours Until Deadline, Could Halladay Still Go To The Phillies?

Less than 24 hours to go until the trade deadline.

The Dodgers got George Sherrill from the Orioles (via MLB.com), the Cubs seem on the verge of getting John Grabow and Tom Gorzelanny from the Pirates (via MLBTradeRumors), and one thought keeps on coming to my mind:
With Roy Halladay still out there, could the Phillies sweep in and get him?


The Phillies were able to complete the Cliff Lee deal without dealing any of the prospects proposed in the Halladay deal. Could they turn around and trade Happ/Drabek, Dominc Brown and another prospect for Halladay?
Wouldn’t that be something?

Not a rumor…just throwing it out there.



I really thought that this article from Joel Sherman titled “Pressure on Red Sox and Dodgers” had to do with the news about Manny and Big Papi coming out…but it was about making trades (Dodgers have responded and Red Sox are involved in a LOT of rumors)
On Washburn

Joel Sherman talked to the Mariners GM and he sounds like he doesn’t know if he’ll trade Washburn away, let him go as a free agent, or extend him

Rob Neyer is not sure if Jarrod Washburn will be dealt and if he is, he thinks the Mariners may have inflated his numbers a bit…

On the Cliff Lee Deal

Steven Goldman reviews trading day and the Cliff Lee deal

Jack Curry talks about choosing Lee over Roy Halladay

Rob Neyer thinks the trade is a win-win for the Indians and Phillies

Keith Law likes it for the Phillies because they gave up only a few high-end prospects

FanGraphs loves the acquisition and points out that they’ll have (at least) 3 lefties in their playoff rotation

New York Mets Rumor/Humor

Rumor has it Luis Castillo’s wife gave birth this morning and Castillo dropped the baby (H/T Malter)

In all seriousness, give credit to the Mets who have been looking much better as of late while playing against a very good Rockies team. My prediction of them playing until the last day of the season (only to fail again) is looking great!

Newsday thinks that not firing Minaya has to do with Madoff. I think that the Mets would swallow the money if they felt it was the move they needed to make. I also think that it would have to be the first time someone was fired before his extension kicked in. That’s impressive.

Also, Razor Shines doesn’t care how good your throwing arm is according to Amazin’ Avenue
A Mets win tonight and a Giants loss would put the Mets within 4.5 games of the Wild Card. Don’t stop believin’!

You Heard It Here First: Mets Will Play Until The Last Day Of The Season

I’ve been saying it to my friends and now I need to say it in public so I can be on record: despite how bad the Mets are playing, they will start mounting a comeback this season, springboarding a huge showing against the Rockies this week and push towards a playoff berth. They will play on the last day of the season with a chance to make the playoffs.

And they will lose again.

How is that for torture for Mets fans?


Some more fun links for Metropolitan fans:

Deadspin looks into that unbelievably bizarre press conference. Amazin’ Avenue has the transcript of the press conference. ShysterBall is amazed that Mets can even make the firing of Bernazard a crazy affair.
Adam Rubin responds!

Buster Olney says that Omar Minaya has shifted the glare to himself now and his own clock is ticking. Rob Neyer notes that Minaya is losing control.

Deadspin on a sort-of-maybe apology from Minaya

The New York Times looks at Bernazard’s career before this debacle
Deadspin takes a few more rips at the Mets (picture courtesy of Deadspin, too)

And, lastly, I don’t know if SNY showing the whole press conference, the interviews afterwards, talking about it on the network and running clips of the meltdown on their website is one of two things: transparency from a team not trying to hide from its mistakes or complete and utter disdain for the fanbase which it seems to want to torture at every turn. It absolutely amazes me that a team that once employed drugged out Doc Gooden and Darryl Strawberry, (allegedly) women-crazy David Cone, firecracker-wielding Vince Coleman, poker-playing Rickey Henderson, reporter-threatening Bobby Bonilla, bleach-spraying Bret Saberhagen, sexually-harassing Steve Phillips and Mo Vaughn could only now be deemed a total mess.

Either way, it keeps A-Rod off the backpages so as a Yankees fan, I can’t complain